When Overhead costs matter..... don't burn up your dollars needlessly

Ecoology Systems


The Short Story

Solar energy is becoming a significant source of power. Solar panels are becoming more efficient, and we understand the tremendous amount of potential energy that can be derived from the Sun.  

But you probably already know that. Just go out in your warehouse or factory, and this awesome power is evident. Without air conditioning, your equipment overheats; your workers swelter in the heat and cannot work at maximum efficiency. Air condition? Sure, but air conditioning can be one of your most expensive overhead components.

The tremendous amount of solar energy can require that you EXPEND a tremendous amount of power [and therefore MONEY] to get rid of it when it is in the wrong place. What may be a great source of power if you are prepared to convert it can be a significant drain on your pocketbook if you just let it attack your buildings.

Ecoology utilizes an ancient way to beat the heat - using the most modern of technology. The ancient Egyptians were smart enough to soak bales of hay in the Nile river, then lay them across the roof of their dwellings. They didn't have air conditioning, so they innovated.

We are the holders of the two most recent patents on cooling a roof using the same evaporative effects as the Egyptians, but we are also innovative - so much so that the US patent office granted us two utility patents for our innovations.

On a typical summer day (80F+), the surface of a roof can reach temperatures in excess of 175F. This can account for as much as 46% of the heat load placed upon a building.  eCOOLogy - Pro-Active Intelligent Roof cooling - PAIR,  removes this destructive heat, thereby minimizing the need for electricity-driven air conditioners, and reduces roof surface temperatures by 60 to 90 degrees –reducing the heat destruction of roof materials and roof-mounted equipment.


Isn't it time you eliminated one of your most wasteful overhead cost components?